Adobe Sued for Killing FreeHand

I was a huge fan of FreeHand, the illustration tool that was arguably superior to Adobe Illustrator. (For a list of features that FreeHand brought to designers long before Illustrator did, see the Design Tools Monthly page here.) When Adobe bought Macromedia in December 2005, it stopped developing FreeHand and ultimately discontinued it in 2007.

(By the way, FreeHand still works on Windows Vista and 7, and on Mac OS X 10.6.)

Now “Free FreeHand“, an organization dedicated to keeping the fire under Adobe for having killed the only cross-platform competitor to Illustrator, has filed suit against them.

Read their press release below for details…


Free FreeHand Files Antitrust Lawsuit against Adobe Systems, Inc.

Dear FreeHand users worldwide,

We have exciting news to share. Free FreeHand has filed a civil antitrust complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Adobe Systems, Inc. The work of reaching this important milestone has spanned most of 2010, and we are pleased to be sharing this momentous accomplishment with you.

The suit alleges that Adobe has violated federal and state antitrust laws by abusing its dominant position in the professional vector graphic illustration software market. Free FreeHand alleges that Adobe has engaged in a series of exclusionary and anticompetitive acts and strategies designed to kill FreeHand, the dominant competitor to Adobe’s Illustrator software product, instead of competing on the basis of product merit according to the principals of free market capitalism.

Free FreeHand demands that Adobe be permanently enjoined from engaging in acts of monopolization and that competitive conditions be restored in the marketplace — we are pursuing all available remedies in court. A satisfactory result could be reached quickly or take a considerable amount of time depending on Adobe’s legal response, and members can expect progress updates along the way.

Requests for information or questions may be directed to our legal counsel:

Jared H. Beck, Esq.
Elizabeth Lee Beck, Esq.
Beck & Lee Business Trial Lawyers
66 W. Flagler St. Suite 1000
Miami, FL 33130

ph: (305) 789-0072