Display a Message When Opening a Folder in Mac OS X

Hey Mac users: here’s a really cool use for Folder Actions, which are built into Mac OS X.

Let’s say you want to leave a message for someone who will be opening a folder — perhaps instructions on what to do with its contents. Do this:

  • Type your message into the Comments field in the folder’s Get Info window (File> Get Info).
  • Control-click the folder and from the contextual menu that appears, choose Attach a Folder Action…
  • Navigate to Macintosh/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts
  • Choose “open – show comments in dialog.scpt

From then on, whenever someone double-clicks that folder, the text you typed into its Comments field will pop up in a dialog box, along with options to Clear the comments, Open the comments field for editing, or dismiss the dialog box.

These are all just AppleScripts. Try the others in that folder: Alert when a new item is added to the folder; Add an icon to images placed into the folder; Change an image’s file format or orientation; Copy an image’s metadata into its Comments field; and others. Or, write your own script and use it!