A Book Designer Looks Forward to QuarkXPress 9

At the IT Pro website, blogger Mark Tennent expresses his excitement at the new features in QuarkXPress 9, from a book designer’s perspective.

Here’s an example:

“For me as a book designer the best elements of QuarkXPress 9 includes the new and amazing Conditional Styles, which can automate the formatting for an entire book. Once styles are set-up in the new palette, text is formatted word-by-word, line-by-line. It is a bit like the nested stylesheet idea in inDesign β€” but with a turbocharger. Quark has taken it to new level by looking for certain conditions such as a return, column break, tab, or whatever you set as a conditional style marker. Then repeat the action until it reaches the last conditional style marker. You can even format text forwards or backwards.”

You can read the post here.