Free Webinar: The Secret Life of Paperboard

PaperSpecs and Kallima paper have teamed up to offer a free webinar tomorrow (April 19) on the many uses of paperboard. (Hint: it’s not just for packaging!)

If you design printed materials at all, I encourage you to have a look:


Convinced that paperboard is only for packaging? Think paperboard is hard to print? Believe you can’t get too creative with paperboard?

Let PaperSpecs newest webinar open your eyes! Paperboard is not only press friendly but often a more economical and inspiring choice for those seeking new substrates that inspire creativity and market differentiation.

What’s more, there are plenty of paperboard stocks produced in an environmentally sustainable way, letting designers spread their creative wings while being earth friendly.

“The Secret Life of Paperboard” is a free webinar hosted by PaperSpecs and Kallima Paper that will reveal the “other side” of paperboard.

The Untold Cinderella Story
Guest speaker Stuart Slater, director of business development at Contemporary Graphics, will reveal paperboard’s untold Cinderella story. “Paperboard can be used for as many applications as text or cover stock, and this side of the story deserves to be heard,” says Slater. From magazine covers to direct mail, from menus to greeting cards, paperboard is effective, economical and versatile.”

Webinar highlights

  • When does paperboard’s lightweight construction save money?
  • What’s the difference between caliper and weight?
  • Will the press be able to run paperboard with quality results?
  • Can paperboard be foil stamped, embossed and coated?
  • Are there environmentally sustainable paperboard options?
  • Why should you care about paperboard?
This webinar is perfect for designers, advertisers, marketers and media strategists who want to discover how paperboard can be the more economical yet inspiring choice.


April 19, 2011
from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time
(11:00 a.m. – Noon Pacific)

Anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection.

– thanks to the generous support of Kallima Paper.