QuarkXPress 9 New Feature: Linkster

Quark has done an excellent job of explaining each new feature in QuarkXPress 9 here. I’ve copied their explanation of the new Linkster feature below, but Quark also has a 21-second video that demonstrates how it works here.



Unlink and Relink Text Boxes Without Overflow

Linkster® lets you unlink text boxes without causing overflow; all of the text in each box in a chain simply stays in that box after the unlinking operation. Linkster also lets you relink boxes that have been unlinked this way (or that just already contain text). This can be helpful in situations when you need to keep content on a particular page from moving to a different page when you edit the text flow.

How it Works

  • Select a box or boxes, display the Linkster dialog box, and then use the controls to link, unlink, or relink the boxes

At a glance:

  • Link or unlink one box, several boxes, or all of the boxes in a layout
  • Link or unlink boxes on non-contiguous pages
  • Specify whether pages are sequence-based or section-based