How to Preview Non-Embedded Fonts in PDFs

When you choose not to embed fonts in a PDF, how can you know how the PDF’s fonts will appear on another computer? Acrobat has a feature that lets you see just that: Use Local Fonts.

When Use Local Fonts is disabled, Acrobat temporarily forgets about all the fonts currently active on your Mac and uses its built-in fonts to display any fonts that are not embedded in the PDF — just like it would do on someone else’s computer.

Here’s how to access Use Local Fonts:

In Acrobat 5, disable Use Local Fonts from the View menu; in Acrobat 6 or 7 you’ll find Use Local Fonts under the Advanced menu. In Acrobat 8 and 9, Adobe hid this feature in Preferences: choose Acrobat 8> Preferences (Windows: Edit> Preferences). Under Categories, select Page Display, and then deselect Use Local Fonts.