QuarkXPress 9 New Feature: ImageGrid

Quark has done an excellent job of explaining each new feature in QuarkXPress 9 here. I’ve copied their explanation of the new ImageGrid feature below, but Quark also has a 32-second video that demonstrates how it works here.



Import and Automatically Build Grids of Images

Whether you’re a photographer who needs to assemble a catalog from a recent photo shoot, or a designer with a folder of images to review or lay out, the ImageGrid™ feature is a huge timesaver. ImageGrid can import a folder of images into QuarkXPress® and automatically build catalogs (contact sheets) of images with a variety of layout and labeling options. Each image can be captioned with its filename, resolution, dimensions, color model, and format.

How it Works

  1. Select a folder of images
  2. Choose how you want to size and arrange the images and what image information you want to include
  3. Watch as QuarkXPress automatically imports and lays out the images

At a glance:

  • Add new pages automatically as needed
  • Optionally import images in subfolders
  • Specify the box shape
  • Fit imported images proportionately to the box or stretch them to fit the box
  • Auto-size boxes to fit the number of rows and columns you specify, or auto-fill pages using a box size limit
  • Works with all QuarkXPress standard image file formats, including Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®