QuarkXPress 9 New Feature: ShapeMaker

Quark has done an excellent job of explaining each new feature in QuarkXPress 9 here. I’ve copied their explanation of the new Shapemaker feature below, but Quark also has a 32-second video that demonstrates how it works here.


ShapeMaker: Easily Create Unique Shapes

The QuarkXPress® ShapeMaker™ feature lets you create unique and useful shapes using configurable waves, polygons, stars, spirals, and more. All settings are highly customizable and can be saved as presets, and real-time previews make it easy to see what you’re creating. This is a feature you’ll have great fun experimenting with.

How it Works

  • Specify what kind of shape you want to make
  • Adjust settings such as phase, amplitude, orientation, number of sides, segments, smoothness, and more, with a real-time preview of your shape
  • Click Create

At a glance:

  • Use sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, or random wave types
  • Create regular polygons, stars, polygrams, spirograms, random polygons, golden rectangles, and double squares
  • Control individual corners of a rectangular box with options such as rounded, beveled, concave, inset, and pointed
  • Use multiple linked text paths for standout text baseline effects such as wavy or angular text
  • Edit shapes with the ShapeMaker feature or the QuarkXPress Pen tools