Many XTensions Available When QuarkXPress 9 Ships in April

The impending arrival of QuarkXPress 9 is bringing out announcements from XTensions developers as well. We love writing about third-party XTensions for several reasons:

• Each one focuses on solving one specific problem or task better than QuarkXPress does.

• If your workflow benefits from the solution offered, the XTension pays for itself many times over.

• XTension developers are usually hardworking people with quality products, so we like to promote them. :-)

Quark’s press release lists quite a number of XTensions that will be available when QuarkXPress 9 ships. I’ve copied it below, and we’ll be covering many of these XTensions more fully in future stories.


QuarkAlliance Members Set to Release QuarkXPress 9 XTensions


Quark announced today the upcoming availability of hundreds of XTensions that extend the functionality of QuarkXPress® 9, Quark’s leading graphic design and page-layout software.

Quark recently announced QuarkXPress 9, the newest major version of the software that puts designers at the center of the creative process. QuarkXPress 9 will help creative and corporate professionals create design-rich layouts that can be published to print, Web, and interactive Flash® (SWF) media as well as to digital devices, such as the iPad®, in a variety of formats. To read more about QuarkXPress 9 visit:

The upcoming QuarkXPress 9 XTensions will offer users hundreds of ways to add even more functionality to QuarkXPress. Developed by members of QuarkAlliance, XTensions software cover a wide-range of applications, from advanced spell check, pre-flighting, and exporting products to translation applications, image-management software, and more.

The new XTensions will become available when QuarkXPress 9 ships in April 2011. Quark is currently offering customers who purchase or upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 at the regular price between January 1, 2011 and the April ship date a complimentary upgrade to QuarkXPress 9. Those who qualify should complete the QuarkXPress 9 upgrade redemption form located here:

QuarkAlliance members developing XTensions software for QuarkXPress 9 include:

Alter Ego Services
Product: Q++Studio is a diary- and calendar-publishing software system that is compatible with QuarkXPress versions 3 through 9 and is used by many well-known diary publishers worldwide.

Product: AutoCorrectXT allows users to mark misspelled words and correct common typing mistakes while typing, just like Microsoft® Word.

axaio software gmbh
Product: MadeToPrint enhances the reliability of PDF creation and optimizes print-output processes as well as exports to other file formats.

Badia Software

Product: OpenNow Pro allows users to open any QuarkXPress project’s picture with the application of their choice and at the same time view detailed and comprehensive picture information. Double-click any picture to see all image settings, such as color model, effective resolution, and the full path.

Badia Software
Product: ContactPage allows users to create customizable contact sheets of pictures with user-defined captions and annotations.

Badia Software
Product: Exportools Professional enables users to output as single-page files any number of QuarkXPress projects in batch. With its unique file-naming capabilities, preflighting options, and intuitive design, Exportools Professional can quickly and effectively generate hundreds of PDF, PostScript®, or print files.

Brainworks Software
Product: AdPerks is a classified ad-order entry system for newspapers.

Brainworks Software
Product: Classified Pagination is a classified-pagination system for use with Brainworks’ AdPerks ad-order entry system.

Brainworks Software
Product: ROP Ad Layout is a pagination system for Retail ROP (run of paper) display ads.

Product: Print2iPad is a solution that allows for seamless integration of digital-output channels (such as tablets, smartphones, ePaper, Web sites, archives, and syndication) into print production processes. Use QuarkXPress to enrich XML data with multimedia, interactive content, slide shows, movies, audio, pictures, and more.

Product: ex TranslationFilter allows for bidirectional export/import of QuarkXPress text content (structured and segmented) to a Microsoft Word document or a XLIFF file and back. This is the missing link between QuarkXPress projects and translation memory systems such as Trados®, Across®, memoQ®, and others.

Product: PictureXTracker updates the allocation between QuarkXPress projects and pictures with a click, even within complex folder structures while making it easy to reassign pictures by showing a preview and detailed picture information.

Product: OPI_Swapper quickly and efficiently swaps OPI layout data for OPI high-resolution data and vice versa. Swapping is possible for several QuarkXPress projects at once, for a complete project, or by picture boxes. As needed, low- or high-resolution data can be loaded with a mouse click within projects.

Product: Xactuell is a database-publishing tool that allows centrally maintained product information to be used for different print publications. Xactuell supports drag-and-drop functionality and allows users to update information at any time.

College Fund Software

Product: Rounded Corners XT allows QuarkXPress users to round any corner of a rectangular text or picture box.

College Fund Software
Product: Poly Box XT allows QuarkXPress users to independently vertically resize each column of a multi-column text box.

College Fund Software
Product: Box Split XT allows QuarkXPress users to split a text or graphic box into a series of boxes or lines. This XTensions software is designed to make form creation a lot easier.

CompuSense Ltd.
Product: SpellBound XT provides a comprehensive spell checker that gives users access to the definitive, up-to-date, and essential terms from the world’s major reference sources.

CompuSense Ltd.
Product: FlightAlert XT combines on-the-fly error checking with one of the most-powerful collect-for-output engines available. FlightAlert is unique among flight-checking products in that it does not require the user to invoke or apply FlightAlert because it processes the project in the background.

Product: CloudForm™ is an XTensions module for QuarkXPress that allows users to quickly and easily add dynamic forms controls to define form templates and workflows. It can be used with FormsX Server™ to deliver powerful forms management without the need for any programming.

Em Software
Product: Xtags is a powerful import and export text filter supporting the full QuarkXPress tags language plus its own extended Xtags tags for tremendous document-building and extracting power.

Em Software

Product: Xdata brings the full layout, design, typographic, and picture publishing power of QuarkXPress to bear on all repetitive, data-driven publishing tasks.

Em Software
Product: Xcatalog creates transparent links between QuarkXPress documents and databases so that users can update prices, graphics, product information, and even change versions and swap languages automatically.

Product: DATAform is an XTensions module for QuarkXPress to set up a complete bi-directional connection between a database and your Mac or Windows QuarkXPress project.

Product: MathMagic Pro enables users to write any mathematical equations and scientific symbols within QuarkXPress projects. The baseline of inline equations automatically align to the text line. It also supports MathML, LaTeX, MathType, Microsoft Word equations, and other formats.

KyTek, Inc.
Product: Save time laying out the pages of textbooks, yellow pages, directories, dictionaries, journals, and trade books while producing structured QuarkXPress projects with Autopage. Autopage creates QuarkXPress projects that are easily edited interactively while they can be viewed, edited, and printed without the Autopage XTensions software.

Layout Ltd
Product: Using ArabicXT in conjunction with QuarkXPress, anyone can learn to create superb bi-directional page layouts to produce top-quality professional Arabic and Latin publications without the need for an Arabic operating system.

Product: ID2Q converts Adobe® InDesign® documents directly into QuarkXPress projects. ID2Q will convert items from an InDesign file that includes page positioning, fonts and styles, images, and text attributes, as well as tables, layers, blends, runarounds, linked text boxes, anchored boxes, and color models.

Product: MarkzTools helps to prevent corrupted QuarkXPress projects. Users can verify the saved QuarkXPress project and be alerted if the integrity of the file is suspect. MarkzTools is the only solution to retrieve text from corrupt QuarkXPress projects.

North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc.
Product: CopyFlow Gold is a translation tool that exports formatted text out of QuarkXPress to a computerized translation system, and then batch imports the translated text back into its original QuarkXPress page location while preserving the typographic formatting and inline items.

Product: DOCX ImportXT is an importing module that supports .docx file formats. Choose to import without style attributes, with styles including style sheets, or using just the three primary attributes (bold, italic, and superscript) and apply QuarkXPress styles during the import routine.

Product: ODT ImportXT is a document-importing module that supports .odt file formats. Choose to import without style attributes, with styles including style sheets, or using just the three primary attributes (bold, italic, and superscript) and apply QuarkXPress styles during the import routine.

RS Adware
Product: LIS Publishing Engine is part of the Layout Intelligence Suite (LIS). It supports both QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Server with the LIS. Supporting highly automated layouts and completely creative designs, the LIS Publishing Engine provides intelligent mechanisms for creative people.

Product: SoftBricks MediaInteraction allows users to produce illustrated catalogs, brochures, and catalogs almost automatically through a Web browser. It allows users to use simple and intuitive work methods such as drag and drop and AJAX.

Product: SoftBricks MediaRally Technology Framework is a collection of Web-based solutions used for database publishing.

Virginia Systems
Product: Sonar Bookends creates an automatic index for books being created in QuarkXPress. The Sonar Bookends Professional version can find and index proper nouns, subjects of sentences, words based on frequency, or a list of user-supplied words or phrases.

Product: WebNative® creates previews for QuarkXPress projects. The previews can be viewed through WebNative and contains links to images used in the document. Users can also drag and drop images from the Web preview directly into documents on the desktop.

Product: Picture Wrangler® automatically finds and relinks images that have been moved off-site for layout, proofing, or other purposes. It also gives QuarkXPress users the ability to collect for output for either the high-resolution or the FPO images in a project.

Product: Asset Browser helps automate the production of large, complex design layouts. It offers users an active, mini Web browser within QuarkXPress itself. Without having to leave the layout application, designers can search for assets and drag them directly to a layout document with simple, efficient navigation.

Product: Annotator works in conjunction with Xinet FullPress print queues and enables users to create PDFs that contain interactive links to images that reside on the FullPress/WebNative server.

More information is to come regarding the XTensions software being developed by additional QuarkAlliance members including:

Electronic Memory Services
Leading Software Maniacs
Oberon Technologies
Talented Pixie
Vungle, Ltd.

For more information about QuarkXPress 9 XTensions and QuarkAlliance, please visit: or contact Cyndie Shaffstall at

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