Flash Decompiler

QuarkXPress 8 and higher lets you create simple or complex interactive Flash animations in SWF format. However, if you want to edit the SWF file, you’ll need a tool to decompile the SWF into native Flash pieces.

Eltima’s Flash Decompiler Trillix is designed to do just that. Version 5.0 adds support for comparing multiple SWF files, the ability to view the tag structure of SWF files, an improved file manager, and also a faster and more effective decompilation engine.

It’s not perfect, but it does restore a lot of the edibility of the file, optionally placing every object on its own layer. In addition, it can extract all objects (images, sounds, video, shapes, text, morphs, ActionScripts, etc.) used in SWF and Flex files into various file formats.

This is a useful tool for recovering the parts from a compiled Flash file when the original isn’t available or is corrupted. It’s also helpful when replacing Flash content with HTML5 or other non-proprietary formats.

Get it for $80 at www.mac.eltima.com