Forbes Selects Quark for Dynamic and Digital Publishing

Here’s some big news from Quark:

Renowned publisher Forbes, a long-time Quark customer, recently completed a full update of their Quark Publishing System infrastructure. Citing Quark’s ability to implement solutions for dynamic and digital publishing, Forbes is now using QuarkXPress 8 and Quark Publishing System 8 to dynamically publish its leading business magazine that is read by over 900,000 subscribers.

Louie Torres, director of business solutions at Forbes, said “From my vantage, Quark was the first vendor to plant a stake in the ground about dynamic publishing and define it as creating, managing, publishing, and delivering content across multiple media. I have witnessed the company’s dynamic publishing vision become a reality, and at Forbes the increase in collaboration and productivity we’ve achieved with Quark Publishing System 8 has been impressive.”

To read more about Forbes implemenation of Quark technology for dynamic and digital publishing, and to learn more about Quark’s digital publishing strategy, please visit: