A Video Guide to QuarkXPress 9

Today, Quark posted a 40-minute video that introduces the new features and e-publishing direction for QuarkXPress 9.

While the introductory interviews are useful for understanding the background and direction of our current publishing reality, we’ve collected a few time markers that let you skip ahead to hear about specific new features:

  • The iPad App Studio information starts at 10:30
  • An impressive Blag magazine example starts at 12:30
  • The QuarkXPress 9 iPad app demo starts at 15:30
  • The Blio information starts at 23:30
  • An impressive textbook and Disney book demo starts at 26:00
  • The QuarkXPress 9 e-book demo starts at 28:00
  • The QuarkXPress 9 new features demo starts at 34:45

Watch these segments, or the full video at http://GoDigital.Quark.com