Free Webinar: Publishing on the iPad with Quark

Quark’s recent announcements about creating iPad apps is generating widespread interest in the publishing industry. Now the venerable Seybold Report is hosting a free webinar that focuses on creating iPad apps with Quark products.

It takes place on March 2, a week after Quark’s Feb 23 “major product” announcement, so it should be extremely interesting. Have a look:


Join PG Bartlett, Quark’s Product Manager, for an overview of Quark’s digital publishing strategies. Bartlett will also discuss barriers and complexity in publishing to the iPad and other digital devices. Participants will see a demo of the new App Studio for Quark Publishing System as used at Blag Magazine and how the system helps solve the business/financial issues associated with digital publishing.

The Webinar will be moderated by Molly Joss, Owner of the Joss Group. Joss is also the Owner and Publisher of the Seybold Report.

Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2011
Time: 2 PM to 3:30 Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) (GMT -5)

Place: Online/Webinar
Cost: Free!

Register here.