Switchers Switching Back: Why Companies Are Switching Back to QuarkXPress

In the Comments section of Macworld’s story “Quark launches App Studio for iPad publishing”, I noticed a couple of meaningful comments about using QuarkXPress versus InDesign. For your pleasure/ammunition, here they are:

“We mainly publish training manuals, operating procedures and technical manuals, (and) we moved back from InDesign to Quark. And this was an unanimous decision supported by writers and the IT people. The IT staff hated the mess Adobe’s application installers are causing and the extremely buggy state of new releases (could be clearly measured by the amount of support tickets) and the writers consider Quark to be more user friendly. Quark’s support compares to Adobe’s like a Rolls Royce to a pogo stick. I have never managed to speak with a competent Adobe support person even once in the last 5-6 years. ”

“We are a very large national educational publishing company that publish educational books. A while back we made the switch from Quark to InDesign in our company. Then Quark made a great impression on us with Quark 8 and the direction it is going with electronic publishing, being able to create electronic magazines and books, iPhone & iPad exports. Adobe recent CS5 did not have anything better to offer us from CS4. So we refuse to upgrade to CS5. Plus, Adobe has been buggy and Flash seems dead now with HTML5 and Apple refusal to use Flash in iPhone and iPad. Quark approach with electronic publishing seems like the better choice. So we made a switch back to Quark a short while after version 8 came out. Also, Adobe support is awful. Never been able to talk to someone in Adobe support that fully knew their products. We could only get the answers we needed in the forum from other Adobe users. We are happy with our decision with switching back from Adobe to Quark. Quark version 8.5 offers us everything we need and we no longer have the headaches like what we had with Adobe. “