A Billion Bad Franklins: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, “The only President of the United States… who was never President of the United States.” (according to the Firesign Theatre)

When Franklin died in 1790, he was world-famous as a scientist and a diplomat, but he chose to name himself in his will as simply “Benjamin Franklin, Printer.”

To celebrate Ben’s birthday, we bring you this story from Design Tools Monthly about the new $100 bill, which features his portrait:

You think YOUR printing job went bad? Recently, more than a billion new $100 bills were found to have a printing error and are now quarantined awaiting sorting and/or destruction. These are the newly redesigned, high-tech bills, which reportedly cost 12 cents each to produce, for a total production cost of $120 million. Watch a video and read more at Design Taxi.