Forbes Chooses QuarkXPress for Dynamic Publishing

Respected publisher Forbes has chosen QuarkXPress 8 and Quark Publishing System to dynamically publish its leading business magazine that is read by over 900,000 subscribers. According to Quark’s press release, Forbes will be using Quark’s products to streamline production of their print, online, and mobile publications.

I find it enlightening that Forbes and other high-profile publishers are choosing QuarkXPress for its powerful multi-channel publishing capabilities. (See previous stories on Recruit Media Communications, Dynamic Publishing, Frost & Sullivan, the Gilbane Group, Allen Press, IT Enquirer, Peugeot, Quark DPS and QuarkXPress Server, Quark XML Author, Versandhaus Walz, and Ver.di Publik.)

Quark’s press release is below.


Forbes Selects Quark for Dynamic and Digital Publishing

Renowned Publisher Implements Quark Publishing System 8 and QuarkXPress 8 as the Foundation of its Publishing Workflow, including the Creation of Content for Delivery to Digital Devices

DENVER, CO – January 11, 2011 – Quark announced today that Forbes is using QuarkXPress® 8 and Quark Publishing System® 8 to dynamically publish its leading business magazine that is read by over 900,000 subscribers. Quark Publishing System is the editorial workflow system that is the core of Quark’s dynamic and digital publishing solutions. It, along with the graphic design and layout capabilities of QuarkXPress, facilitates collaboration and enables automation to help publishers increase productivity, cut costs, and successfully publish across media.

Forbes is a long-time Quark customer and based on Quark’s ability to implement solutions for dynamic and digital publishing, recently completed a full update of their Quark Publishing System infrastructure. “From my vantage, Quark was the first vendor to plant a stake in the ground about dynamic publishing and define it as creating, managing, publishing, and delivering content across multiple media. I have witnessed the company’s dynamic publishing vision become a reality, and at Forbes the increase in collaboration and productivity we’ve achieved with Quark Publishing System 8 has been impressive,” said Louie Torres, director of business solutions at Forbes.

Torres continued, “We, like all publishers, are not only working on improving the way we publish to print and the Web, but are also tackling digital publishing. We will work with Quark to extend the infrastructure and processes we use for dynamic publishing to deliver the high-fidelity content our readers expect on their digital devices.”

Quark’s strategy for digital publishing is an extension of its strategy for dynamic publishing, which is to enable the creation of content that is independent of any specific platform, media, or device and automatically publish that information in all required forms. By providing a complete dynamic publishing approach, Quark can help publishers automate and streamline the publishing process from content creation, through management of the content, to publishing and delivering it to multiple channels.

“Forbes is a perfect example of a publisher with cutting-edge content that readers want in multiple forms – in print, online, and on their digital devices. By implementing Quark Publishing System 8 and QuarkXPress 8, the team at Forbes is already dynamically publishing their print magazine and the stage is set for them to drive digital publishing to the iPad and other digital devices in the near future,” said PG Bartlett, senior vice president of product management for Quark.

For more information about Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions, please visit:

For more information about Quark’s digital publishing solutions, please visit:

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