Vector Magic for Easy Outlines from Scans

If you have ever had to draw a logo from an image, you will appreciate the power and ease of using Vector Magic. Vector Magic was developed by Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and is dramatically more accurate than the tools in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. You can use it as an online service for one image at a time ($8/mo) or as a desktop application ($295).

The drag and drop interface is simple to understand and you can convert and save images quickly. There are useful demo videos on the Vector Magic website, so there is virtually no learning curve. Once converted, your vector illustration can be output as an EPS, SVG, PDF or PNG using the online version.

The Desktop version adds AI, DXF, EMF formats. Vector Magic can be used for more than creating logos — use it to create outlines from a photo for any type of art project.

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