Free Webinar to Improve Print Sales

This looks like a valuable hour for anyone responsible for selling printing services… It happens this Wednesday at noon ET.

Below is their announcement:


If you are selling print you don’t want to miss this free event that Printing Impressions’ bloggers Kelly Mallozzi (Success.In.Print) and Bill Farquharson (Aspire For) are hosting on January 5th.

The New Year brings new opportunities to grow your sales volume. But if you are taking the same approach to sales as you did in 2010, you can expect the same results. Instead, find out what you need to do in order to double your sales volume. This 60 minute free webinar program will spend 5 minutes on each of 12 key components to not only grow your sales, but blast them to a level you’ve never seen before! Find out what you need to know and start off the New Year with new ideas and a new attitude.

Printing Impressions is sponsoring the event and we think is a must-attend webinar to kick off the new selling year…

Webinar Title: Double Your Print Sales in 2011 – 12 Keys to Sales Success

Date: Wednesday January 5 at noon ET

Registration Link:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Instantly applicable sales techniques to build your volume;
  • The three most important sales skills you must have;
  • Five ideas for identifying new business hot spots;
  • The single most important element in your prospecting process;
  • Why “selling printing” is the fastest way to fail, and…
  • A new approach to landing solid, loyal, profitable accounts.


Printing Impressions’ bloggers Kelly Mallozzi (Success.In.Print) and Bill Farquharson (Aspire For) have led multiple webinars on sales-related subjects and received accolades from the participants: “That webinar was LOADED with a wealth of information!” Fabian Franco, CC West” and “hat was the best selling presentation I have attended!” Lisa Foscone, Inteligencer. Kelly and Bill keep the program upbeat and active as they deliver information that is print-specific, relevant, and instantly applicable. More webinars from Kelly and Bill can be found at

Who should attend:

  • Printing Sales People
  • Packaging Sales People
  • Sales Managers
  • Selling Owners
  • Presidents, CEOs