Useful Stories on Printing Discs, Labels, Holiday Fonts, and More!

With the holidays rushing at us from wherever they live during the rest of the year, I thought I’d point out a few potentially helpful stories I wrote for Macworld recently.

“Stellar programs for printing labels” shows some clever ways to easily print package labels, gift labels, etc.

“The art of disc printing” explains the best ways to print custom artwork onto CDs and DVDs.

“Festive fonts for holiday greetings” shows some of my favorite inexpensive fonts that are appropriate for use on holiday projects.

“Macworld Secrets: Finding the right font” talks a bit about how to choose fonts that are appropriate for any given project.

“Mastering printing in QuarkXPress” may explain a feature or two you didn’t already understand.

I hope you’ll find some useful info in these stories — and save yourself some time during the hectic holiday season.