Page Director Ad Layout System Updated for QuarkXPress 8.5

Managing Editor Inc. develops high-powered software for the publishing industry, including Page Director, Ad Layout System, AdForce, Classified Layout System and ClassForce.

They also make XTensions that integrate with these products, and have updated them to work with QuarkXPress 8.5 as well as 8, 7 and 6.5.

FiFi XT quickly restores file path information for graphic and ad files after the ad map has been opened in QuarkXPress, eliminating the need to manually link any remaining empty ad boxes to their appropriate digital files.

Split & Folio XT divides a QuarkXPress dummy into smaller units to distribute to multiple users. The new files retain the properties of the original, including attributes inherited from the ad layout software such as sections, page numbers, page folio characteristics and file links. Users can then easily distribute pagination assignments without losing any vital layout information.

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