Quark’s New Website!

It’s been a long time coming (Quark tells me it’s been several years of work!), but Quark’s new website is among the most coherent and helpful corporate websites I’ve encountered.

While many Planet Quark readers think of Quark AS QuarkXPress, they have many products that work together to solve today’s design and publishing challenges.

The new website thoughtfully groups its sections according to customer needs. (Imagine that!)

The first tab in the website’s interface is Solutions, and it looks like this:

When you click on any of the topics, it leads you to an entire section dedicated to that solution β€” everything from valuable white papers on the subject to Q&A and related products.

The Support section is coherent, there are links to related Community websites and resources, and all the other stuff you’d expect (or hope!) to find. Go have a look: www.quark.com

As a footnote, nothing I looked at on the site is done in Flash, so you’ll be able to access all of its content from any computer-like device, such as the iPad, and it won’t bring your Web browser or computer to a slow crawl.