Mpix for Creative Last-Minute Gifts

If you’re reading this, you probably have all the tools to create fabulous gifts: calendars, books, stickers, etc. — and no time to get them printed.

There are many places to get such things made from your files, but this one’s my favorite: I think Mpix delivers the highest quality prints and other products, and they deliver them in boutique-quality packaging.

Mpix produces high-quality versions of more items than you can imagine, from pro-quality prints and books to magazine covers and playing cards. Seriously: check out their website.

So go nuts in QuarkXPress: design your heart out and then give it to someone special. :-)

And if you sell your work directly to customers, check out their partner They have the most complete and intuitive direct-sales website system for photographers I’ve seen.

(They even have a $3 calibration kit that contains a printed image and the same image as a digital file so you can adjust your display to match.)