FREE DesignCast: 5 Secrets of Great Web Typography

Editor’s note: I’m not sure how I feel about renting fonts for my websites — I would prefer that they continue to function if I choose to stop paying a monthly fee for them.

I’ll be watching this online seminar for more info.


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5 Secrets of Great Web Typography

Sponsored by: Monotype

Ever wonder if there was a “rule book” for typographic success that only great Web designers were privy to? It surely seems that way. They make great typography look downright easy.

Well, there isn’t a rulebook — but exceptional typography can be a lot easier to create if you know the Five Secrets of Great Web Typography. This presentation will expose those secrets for all to see. You’ll learn how to choose the perfect font, how to create reader involvement, when a change in typographic paradigm is appropriate, how to use type to engage an audience — and many more secrets to typographic success. Even those who are typographically challenged will walk away with a new sense of font-confidence. All will learn the secrets of creating Web typography that has passion, soul and verve.

When: Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST

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