Mirror Paths in QuarkXPress

There is no tool or command in QuarkXPress to mirror an item, so here’s a trick to flip a Bezier path vertically (from top to bottom):

If you want to mirror a COPY of the original path, first select it and press Command-C to copy it, then choose Edit> Paste In Place. This places a copy directly on top of the original.

Then, copy the Height of the item from the Measurements palette (just select the number and press Command-C).

To flip the object over, quickly Command-drag the object’s top center handle down over the object and past the bottom. Let go anywhere. It’s important to be quick — you may have to try it a few times to get the speed right.

Finally, paste the Height measurement back into the Measurements palette (just select the Height number again and press Command-V).

(Windows users: replace Command with Ctrl.)

To mirror the path horizontally, just use the item’s side center handle and copy/paste the Width measurement.


Quark reminded us of this potential “gotcha”:

“It is important that in step two you are quicker than the value for the Delay Before Live Refresh Drag. Since this is 0.1 seconds by default, the recommendation is to increase it to 1 or 2 seconds. This default setting is found in Preferences> Input Settings.”