Free EmData (Xdata) or gDoc Fusion with $299 Upgrade to QuarkXPress 8

ThePowerXChange is currently offering several special $299 promotions on upgrades to QuarkXPress 8. I noted these two in particular:

$299 QuarkXPress 8 Upgrade with free EmData

(If purchased separately valued at $799)

I’ve written about Em Software’s Xdata as “one of the most valuable ‘hidden weapons’ for publishers in the past 20 years.” (Read the story here.) It’s now been renamed EmData, and works like a mail merge on steroids. You create a template in QuarkXPress, with rules that tell it how to format your text and graphics. Then, EmData builds your documents at hundreds or thousands of pages per hour.

$299 QuarkXPress 8 Upgrade with free gDoc Fusion

(If purchased separately valued at $383)

gDoc Fusion is a Windows-only utility that lets you combine documents from multiple sources and in multiple formats into one PDF or Word document. Here’s how it works:

  • Drag the documents you want into Fusion
  • Flip through them quickly using the Flick View interface Pick the pages you want
  • Arrange them in any order you like
  • If you wish, add annotations, make small edits, or redact information,
  • Save the finished documents in either Word or PDF format

If you’re thinking of upgrading to QuarkXPress 8 from any version, these $299 specials are worth considering.