Quark Receives Major Award for Dynamic Publishing from Frost & Sullivan

Every publisher wants to streamline their production process and remove as much redundancy as possible. Of course that’s always been true, but these days there are so many media channels that it’s become a matter of survival. (And by “publisher” I’m also referring to corporate in-house marketing departments.)

Years ago, Quark recognized this trend and began focusing much of their corporate direction onto building a media-agnostic publishing system that can use QuarkXPress as its front end. Today, they received major recognition for their success in the dynamic publishing market.

I encourage you to read the full report here. It details the challenges of the marketplace and pinpoints Quark’s specific leadership role in it. Here are two revealing quotes:

“Quark’s continual innovation and introduction of new products and solutions is unsurpassed by its competitors.”

“Quark is the only vendor in the dynamic publishing market place to provide a full line of dynamic publishing software and page layout solutions to meet the unique needs of enterprise and media publishers.”

Below is Quark’s press release.

Quark Awarded Global Product Line Strategy of the Year for Dynamic Publishing Solutions from Frost & Sullivan

DENVER – December 1, 2010 – Quark announced today that is has received the Global Product Line Strategy of the Year Award for Dynamic Publishing Solutions from Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting firm, defines dynamic publishing as the value chain of software products that enable the creation, repurposing, publication, and delivery of content across a variety of media. In its Best Practices research, Frost & Sullivan compared Quark to at least two competitors, and Quark excelled beyond the competition in all award criteria, including breadth of product line, size of addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share, and breadth of applications/markets served.

Aimee Roberts, Frost & Sullivan industry analyst, said, “Quark is the only vendor in the dynamic publishing marketplace to provide a full line of dynamic publishing software including page layout and design tools, XML authoring tools, automated workflow and rendering engines that meet the unique needs of enterprise and media publishers. Not only does Quark provide solutions that can meet the end-to-end publishing workflow requirements for customers across a variety of industries, but the company also remains the leader in evangelizing the benefits of dynamic publishing.”

Quark offers multiple products to facilitate high-impact publishing workflows for any media channel. Products span point solutions, such as Quark® XML Author and QuarkXPress®, to full-scale dynamic publishing solutions such as Quark® Publishing System. Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions allow for:

  • Easy authoring of intelligent XML content
  • Integration with leading content management solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet Content Manager, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, and IXIASOFT
  • Automation of layout and high-fidelity design
  • Rapid customization and adaption of content
  • Cross-media publishing support out to print, the Web, and mobile and digital devices

Industry leaders in government, manufacturing, life sciences, financial services, and media use Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions to streamline their publishing processes and to decrease costs, increase accuracy, improve productivity, and create revenue-generating opportunities. Customers from around the world that look to Quark for dynamic publishing solutions include UNICEF, the Irish Government, and Peugeot. Additionally, a selection of case studies detailing current customers’ use of Quark technology can be found here: http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/customers.

To learn more about Quark’s dynamic publishing solutions, please visit: http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/dps.

To read Frost & Sullivan’s write-up about the award for the Global Product Line Strategy of the Year for Dynamic Publishing Solutions 2010, please visit: http://www.quark.com/pdf/Frost_Sullivan_Award_Report_on_Quark.pdf.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) is a leading provider of publishing software for professional designers, small and mid-sized businesses, and large organizations in more than 160 countries. Two decades ago, our flagship product — QuarkXPress® — changed the course of traditional publishing. For more than 25 years, Quark has built on its knowledge and experience in design and publishing to provide software solutions that support collaborative workflows and automated publishing across multiple channels. Today, Quark is revolutionizing publishing again by setting new standards in XML-based publishing across print, the Web, and digital media as well as by helping owners and employees of small and mid-sized businesses promote their products and services easily, professionally, and affordably. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.