CopyFit for QuarkXPress 8 Automatically Fixes Overset and Underset Text Boxes

Meadows Publishing Solutions (MPS) has announced the release of their popular CopyFit software for QuarkXPress 8.

CopyFit Desktop is an XTension that finds and fixes overset and underset text boxes, according to a set of user-defined copy fitting rules for adjusting point size, scaling, leading, etc. CopyFit settings can be saved as presets, and CopyFit includes several pre-defined “fit styles” that can be used to simulate practically any copyfitting methodology. Each box in a QuarkXPress layout can be assigned a different CopyFit setting, and a CopyFit operation can be run on all boxes at once or just one box at a time. CopyFit can also check for overset conditions during Save, Print, or Save as EPS or PDF operations.

CopyFit is also available as part of the Meadows DesignMerge Pro software, for both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, or as a server version that works with QuarkDDS. For more information on those options, see the description provided by MPS below.

Pricing: $225 Desktop; $1,500 Server


Bundled and Integrated with DesignMerge® Pro

CopyFit is bundled with the Meadows DesignMerge Pro variable data software package. When the CopyFit option is enabled inside of DesignMerge, overset text conditions are detected and remedied on-the-fly during the DesignMerge session. This ensures that variable data is fully visible, and does not clip or overrun the specified box area.

MPS CopyFit™ Server Available for QuarkDDS 3.50

In addition to the desktop version of CopyFit, the product is also available for QuarkDDS 3.50, which is the server version of the QuarkXPress publishing engine. In this workflow, documents are first tagged using the desktop version of CopyFit for QuarkXPress as described above, and are then uploaded to the QuarkDDS server in the normal fashion. When a request for a document is sent to the server, CopyFit can be enabled via a set of simple HTTP parameters. When the document is processed, CopyFit quickly searches for qualified boxes, and applies the copy fit settings that had been stored with each box. The modified document, with CopyFit settings applied, will then be returned by the QuarkDDS server in the specified output format. In addition to fixing overset text boxes, CopyFit can also be used to fully expand text to fill a designated box area. CopyFit is the perfect compliment to any dynamic document application using QuarkDDS, and it also works with the Meadows DesignMerge® suite of variable data software.

CopyFit™ Scripting and API AppleScript Support

The CopyFit module can be utilized in an AppleScript environment when used in conjunction with the Meadows AppleScript module. Using the Meadows AppleScript module, you can copyfit an entire document from within your script and receive a count of the number of overset boxes in the document. The Meadows AppleScript Module is available as a separate purchase.

SDK Available

Additionally, if you are an XTensions developer that would like to include CopyFit functionality in your project, Meadows offers a SDK for CopyFit. The SDK includes a simple set of defined routines for controlling CopyFit functions from another XTensions module. Using the SDK, you can perform the following actions:

  • Open/Close the CopyFit palette
  • Read tagged box settings into the CopyFit palette
  • Retrieve CopyFit set names and parameters
  • Tag a box with the current palette settings
  • Detect if a box contains overset text
  • CopyFit an individual box
  • CopyFit an entire document

The CopyFit SDK is available only to authorized QuarkXPress XTensions developers. Please contact John Kriho of Meadows Publishing Solutions to receive more information about the CopyFit SDK.