Known Issues in QuarkXPress 8.5

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Quark has released their free updater to QuarkXPress 8.5 for QuarkXPress 8 users, with several valuable new features.

Quark’s list of Known and Resolved Issues was not available at the time, but now you can read it here.

These are my favorite RESOLVED (fixed) Issues:

QuarkXPress sometimes stops responding if you delete two consecutive paragraph returns.

You cannot drag an item from one view of a layout to another view of the same layout.

(Mac OS only) EPS pictures saved from Adobe Photoshop CS5 do not display correctly in QuarkXPress if they have been saved with one of the Macintosh preview options. Instead of the image, a gray box displays, with the text “PostScript Picture.” The image, however, prints correctly.

And these are my favorite KNOWN (unresolved) Issues:

(Mac OS 10.6.2 only) If you launch QuarkXPress with the Font Previews preference on (QuarkXPress/Edit > Preferences > Fonts > Font Previews > Show in Font Menu), create a document using PostScript Type 1 fonts, and then open an existing document created on a version of Mac OS X prior to 10.6, Type 1 fonts used in the existing document may reflow. (Workaround: Turn off the Font Previews preference, then quit and relaunch QuarkXPress.)

(Mac OS 10.6 only) Due to a change in Apple’s APIs, text that uses Type 1 fonts may display increased vertical spacing when you open a project in Snow Leopard.

If you export a layout containing an imported 1–bit image and specify a Downsample to value for Monochrome Images (File > Export > Layout as PDF > Options > Compression), the image is instead downsampled using the Downsample to value specified for Grayscale Images.

Feel free to chime in with YOUR favorites! :-)