QuarkXPress 8.5 Updater Released Today

Today, Quark released their QuarkXPress 8.5 updater, which adds several new features to QuarkXPress 8 and fixes several user-reported bugs.

New Features:

The new features include:

• You can now import and export Microsoft Word documents in .docx format.

• Its new automatic updater can check for and download updates.

• The following new color libraries are included for Pantone Plus, Pantone’s newest color system:

Pantone+ CMYK
Pantone+ Color Bridge
Pantone+ Pastels & Neons Coated
Pantone+ Pastels & Neons Uncoated
Pantone+ Premium Metallics Coated

(Read more about Pantone Plus in our story here.)

Bug Fixes:

Quark’s press release mentioned that bug fixes include Snow Leopard compatibility, PDF export, and Quark Publishing System integration with Job Jackets. The complete list of bug fixes was not available when we wrote this, but it should be available soon at http://8.quark.com/techinfo/known_issues.html.


You can download the Mac updater here, and the Windows updater here.


QuarkXPress 8.5 runs on Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher, and Microsoft Windows XP and higher.


Remember: you can upgrade from any previous version of QuarkXPress for just $299.

Special Offers:

Through November 30, Quark is offering free stuff worth up to $547 with any upgrade or new purchase of QuarkXPress 8.