Scale Pictures Smaller than 10% in QuarkXPress

As you may know, QuarkXPress doesn’t let you scale a picture in its box to less than 10% or more than 1000% of the original size of the imported picture. In QuarkXPress 8.1 and higher you can work around that limitation by using the Scale palette (Window> Scale).

First, access the Scale Settings by clicking on the little icon at the upper right of the palette. In the Scale Settings dialog that appears, uncheck everything except Scale Pictures. Click OK, then in the Scale palette enter a number less than 100%.

In the Classic tab of the Measurements palette, you’ll see the scale percentage change. Repeat as often as necessary to achieve any scaling value from 0.1% to 32,000%.

Important warning: after using this technique to reduce or enlarge beyond Quark’s normal limits, don’t click into the Scale field of the Measurements palette β€” if you do, Quark will complain that your “value must be between 10% and 1000%” and it won’t let you do anything further until you change its value to a number it accepts.