Illustrator CS5 Moves Objects

Here’s a headache: Adobe Illustrator CS5 uses the upper left corner of your document for the ruler origin, instead of the lower left as in previous versions. For new documents, this is just a change to get used to. But when opening older template files that have the ruler origin in a different place (such as the center of the document), the objects move to a new location!

Also, if you copy an object from a document whose ruler origin was set elsewhere (the center for example), then paste in front in new CS document, it uses the new origin.

One of our readers alerted us to this problem, which brought their workflow to a screeching halt. As far as we know, there is no solution.

In addition, any existing Action droplets (say, to generate GIFs for proofing) from Illustrator Actions also need to be rewritten to reset the rulers. For Adobe’s explanation of this behavior, see this blog post.