Greek and Ungreek Text in QuarkXPress

Don’t you hate it when your client wants to discuss the text in your design, rather than the design itself? Gluon’s Greeker is an XTension for QuarkXPress 6/7/8 that gives you the ability to convert your already-formatted text into nonsense, so that your client will focus on the design, not the copy. It can greek selected text, individual text frames/boxes, a range of pages, or all the text of a particular size in entire document.

Greeker maintains font styles, sizes, line breaks, capitalization, etc., so your greeked text truly looks like the actual text. Reverting back to your original ungreeked text is as simple as choosing the Ungreek Text option.

It even has an option to fill a text frame with the old standby text placeholder “Lorem Ipsum.” Learn more about the $69 Greeker here.