Quark’s New Self-Service Support System

In a recent conversation with the product managers for QuarkXPress, I learned that according to their research, Quark’s customers prefer to interact with technical support and customer service by online chat, rather than by phone. This makes sense to me because it saves time by not having to wait on the phone for answers, and because customers and support people can share information via screen shots and text.

So, they created an online “Self Service Portal” where you can create a “Profile” that gives you access to Quark’s support team 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can report technical issues, attach files, and provide comments about your issue, and Quark’s customer support will respond directly in the Profile. All information is saved for later reference.

Quark also added assistance for those who provide assistance to other Quark users. According to Quark, “Quark partners and third-party support vendors can also create profiles on behalf of their users and can communicate with Quark support through the Knowledge Base profiles. The profiles can be accessed by users, partners, and Quark support 24/7.”

However, many customers would rather be able to find their own answers online. That’s where Quark’s newly-updated Knowledge Base comes in. As Quark says, it’s “more than just a list of issues that customers may encounter — each Quark solution featured on the Knowledge Base includes a background section where an in-depth technical analysis is given for specific software behaviour.”

Quark’s Knowledge Base now has these new features:

  • Users can conduct searches in English, German, French, and Japanese
  • Searches can be conducted by product or subject
  • Search results can be sorted by date, subject, and user-rating
  • The top 10 articles about the subject or product being searched are made available automatically
  • All articles can be viewed online, printed, or shared via email.

To access the Quark Knowledge Base go to support.quark.com/en/knowledgebase and to access the Quark self-service support portal go to support.quark.com/en/SSP/. I suggest you create your profile now, before you need it — when I created mine, I received this message: “We will review the information sent and will notify you within two business days.” I’m happy to see that each registration is evaluated by a human, but when I need help, I’m going to need it immediately.