A Quick Transparent Grayscale

When working with a grayscale picture in QuarkXPress, you may want to place it over a background. The problem is that the background of a grayscale picture is white. To make it transparent, the easiest thing is to convert it to Bitmap mode in Photoshop.

First, make a copy of the picture. Then in Photoshop, choose Image> Mode> Bitmap. In the resulting dialog box, give it a high resolution, such as 1200 ppi, and choose Diffusion Dither for the Method. Save the file in PSD format (or in TIFF format with LZW compression if your output service doesn’t complain about LZW). When placed into your page layout, on top of a background, it should look great.

(Of course, you can use more complex techniques in Photoshop to create a transparent grayscale image, but the above technique is fast and easy.)