FontFonter Previews Web Pages in New Fonts

The technology and strategy for using a variety of fonts on a website is turning into a big story in 2010. And with QuarkXPress’s ability to create Web pages (from existing print pages or from scratch), these new technologies deserve some attention from Planet Quark. :-)

For a fun peek at one approach, see FontShop’s FontFonter website at, where you can select any existing Web page and then choose among several dozen FontShop fonts that are available for use on websites. Your chosen Web page then displays as it would appear if you used one of those fonts. You can choose to replace only the sans-serif or serif fonts with your choice of fonts, or replace all the fonts on the page with one font.

For more information on using Web fonts, see the video at Ascender’s And for a free source of about 30 fonts, and more information about using Web fonts, see Google Font Directory at