Quark Releases New XML Study from the Gilbane Group

Quark’s press release says it better than I could:


Quark has released the newest XML study from the Gilbane Group called “Smart Content in the Enterprise: How Next Generation XML Applications Deliver New Value to Multiple Stakeholders.” The study, by Geoffrey Bock, Dale Waldt, and Mary Laplante, investigates the current and emerging landscape of XML applications and offers insights on best practices for moving XML use from the department level to broad adoption across an enterprise.

According to the Gilbane Group, “smart content” is a natural evolution of XML structured content that delivers rich, value-added functionality. Smart content is granular for flexible use, rich in descriptive information, useful across multiple applications, and meaningful for collaborative interaction. Among other significant points, the study concludes that organizations must consider delivery as a starting point for determining their strategy for creating smart content. The study also finds that businesses need to adopt tools that allow users to enrich content throughout the content lifecycle, not just at the point of creation.

“Gilbane is home to XML experts who have done a great job of identifying the compelling reasons for XML adoption across the enterprise,” said PG Bartlett, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Quark. “As the report shows, businesses must begin by defining the impact they want to have on their customers. Once defined, the next step is to identify how non-technical knowledge workers can best create the smart content that’s needed to meet the organization’s objectives.”

“In our research, we see that when companies invest in making their content smart, the value of the content begins to speak for and prove itself,” said Geoffrey Bock, Senior Analyst, Collaboration for the Gilbane Group. “The key to creating smart content is to consider how content may be used for multiple purposes and design a data model, together with the creation and enrichment processes, to meet these goals. This opens the door to thinking about XML content in new and innovative ways, spurring adoption throughout the enterprise.”

The complete study is being made available by Quark here.


About Quark XML Author

Quark® XML Author is the next generation of XML authoring tools. It is an add-in to Microsoft Word that lets anyone easily create XML documents with no knowledge of XML and little or no training. Quark XML Author:

— Empowers knowledge workers to create user-defined XML in Microsoft Word

— Enables enterprise-wide adoption of XML

— Integrates with IBM FileNet Content Manager, EMC Documentum, and Microsoft SharePoint

In contrast, specialized, proprietary XML editing tools of the past require a significant amount of technical training and expertise, limit XML authoring to departmental  use, or inhibit XML adoption altogether. More information about Quark XML Author is available here.