Control Fractions in QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress has a handy feature that automatically formats any arbitrary fraction (15/16, for example) as a true fraction. Just select the fraction and choose Style> Type Style> Make Fraction.

Recently, James Felici wrote an excellent article on how to create true fractions (using any numbers) in both InDesign and QuarkXPress. Read it at

In it, he refers to setting the Fraction/Price preference (QuarkXPress>Preferences>Fraction/Price) values. My favorite part is this:

To set your QuarkXPress preferences at the high end of this range, use the following values, and make sure you’ve checked Fraction Slash:

Offset 28%
V(ertical) scale 60%
H(orizontal) scale 60%
Kern -15

Subscript (denominator):
Offset 0%
V(ertical) scale 60%
H(orizontal) scale 60%
Kern 0

There’s no universal kerning formula, so start with no extra kerning and see how it goes.


He also explains the meaning of these settings, so be sure to read the story carefully.

Here’s an example of the difference between Quark’s default settings and Jim’s recommended settings: