PDF Enhancer Professional 3.5 Improves Color, Security

Apago’s PDF Enhancer Professional 3.5 is an application that performs many useful tasks that are difficult or impossible in Acrobat. For example, it lets you instantly reduce the file size of a PDF, and set its viewing options, metadata and security. It can downsample and compress images and text to be suitable for any delivery medium, and set the viewing mode when opened. From the same source document and in a single operation, PDF Enhancer can prepare a full resolution press-ready PDF with lossless compression and a soft-proof Web-friendly PDF with RGB JPEG compressed images.

It can repair fonts, embed fonts, add page numbers, and watermark documents. It provides tools for rearranging pages for printing booklets or chapters, and for merging multiple PDFs into one. It can assign Title, Author and Subject, as well as passwords for viewing, copying or printing. PDF Enhancer supports Mac OS X’s Automator, lets you add digital signatures, can apply selective color correction to map certain colors to other colors, and can rebuild fonts to comply with the ISO PDF/A document archiving standard and convert problematic CID fonts to regular fonts. Version 3.5 adds AES encryption support, improved scanned document clean up, better color management, improved performance, and more.

PDF Enhancer Professional costs $349. For a less-expensive solution that simply reduces file size, try Apago’s $35 PDFshrink. It compresses and optimizes the resolution of images, removes duplicate images, and removes unnecessary data.