Instant Contact Sheets in QuarkXPress

One question I get fairly often goes something like: “I have a boatload of images, clip art, logos, etc. How can I automate the process of creating a book of them, with captions?” There are two good XTensions I can recommend: Art Gallery XT, from Vision’s Edge (read about it here) and ContactPage from Badia Software. ContactPage was just updated to support QuarkXPress 8, so without further ado, below is Badia’s description of it. (While you’re at their website, be sure to check out their other XTensions, which truly open up possibilities you didn’t know existed.)

ContactPage allows you to quickly create image contact sheets or annotate all pictures in an existing document with descriptive labels. The easy-to-follow settings give you complete control to customize the look and contents of the final contact sheet.

ContactPage can build a document with all the necessary pages, import hundreds of images and place text captions in just seconds. You can specify margins, page size, grid rows and columns, picture fitting, box colors and sizes, auto save options, and more. And ContactPage comes with an interactive preview that takes away the guesswork by showing you exactly how the contact sheet looks as you change the settings.

ContactPage captions can be made to describe their corresponding images in complete detail. You can not only choose the picture name but several other picture attributes as well: full path, file size, format, color model, image resolution, creator application, date modified, dimensions, picture scale and page number.

What’s new in ContactPage 3.0

  • QuarkXPress 8-native and Snow Leopard compatible
  • Support for long file names and international characters
  • Ability to specify character and paragraph style names
  • Caption preview
  • New pop-up for picture positioning
  • Picture file icons
  • Reorganized interface
  • Optimized code for improved stability.

Free 30-day test drive
Download the free 30-day and fully functional ContactPage 3.0 today! After 30 days, you can purchase a license for $89, with discounts for multiple licenses. And, if you already own a previous version of ContactPage, you can upgrade at 50% off.