Quark Partners With Industry Leaders to Enable Automated Publishing to Any Device

Quark has unveiled its strategy for helping publishers and designers deliver interactive publications to all digital devices, a movement they’re calling “Digital Publishing 2.0”.

Personally, I think the term fits the initiative. I also think that Quark, more than any other company, is in the position to deliver an affordable, usable tool set that enables designers to design once and then deliver that design to as many devices as needed.

Check out Quark’s announcement here and here.

Also check out “Quark and Blio define Digital Publishing 2.0”, a 3 minute video that demonstrates how to add interactive elements and tag content for the Blio reader.

For another view, have a look at this Macworld UK blog post, by Jonny Evans, which sheds a bit more light on Quark’s multi-platform strategy, which is an XML-based system that can be export to any format that becomes popular.

Because of this flexible approach to publishing content, it’s possible that Quark may become the preferred publisher for reading content on iPads.