Copyright for Publishing Professionals — An Online Seminar

Whether you use someone else’s copyrighted materials, or you publish materials protected by copyright, you may benefit from attending an online seminar
presented by the Copyright Clearance Center. The next one is on June 17th and lasts an hour. Details are below.


June 17, 2010
2:00PM-3:00PM ET

Registration Fee: ALPSP Members $49.95
Non-Members $59.95

Rights and permissions, production, marketing, sales and service personnel, interns, writers, editors and others from all organizational levels who want to gain a basic understanding of copyright considerations in a publishing environment.

Are you a publishing professional and unclear on how copyright law impacts your work? During this session “Copyright for Publishing Professionals” we will focus on the basics of U.S. Copyright law, including a copyright holder’s privileges and obligations, and when permission may be required. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a question and answer session for clarification on some of the nuances of copyright they may encounter in their everyday work.

Fundamental copyright concepts are boiled down to easy-to-digest language, with a focus on concerns unique to the publishing industry in today’s dynamic, digital environment.

Session Highlights:

  • Content sharing and reuse preferences and statistics
  • The basic principles of U.S. copyright law
  • Overview of the law
  • Ownership
  • Exclusive rights
  • Divisibility of rights
  • Limitations and exceptions to copyright protection
  • Fair use – Harper & Row case
  • Public domain
  • Overview of copyright infringement
  • Overview of permission sources
  • Q & A

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