How to Copy Pages Between Documents in QuarkXPress

It may not be obvious how to copy pages from one document to another in QuarkXPress. The key is to view your documents in Thumbnail view:

Open both documents, and then in each document, choose View> Thumbnails. Then, simply click and drag the page(s) from one document window to another.

Here are some speed tips: if you do this a lot, learn to press Shift-F6 to switch to Thumbnails view, or click into the Magnification field in the bottom left of your Layout window and type a T.

For Mac-using keyboard jockeys who often access the Magnification field, just press Control-V to get into the View field, then type T to switch to Thumbnails view. In other words, Control-V, then T.

You may want to Tile the documents to see both at once: in QuarkXPress 6 and above, choose Window> Tile.

You can also perform both tricks at once: if you hold down the Option or Alt key while choosing Window> Tile, all your open Layouts will switch to Thumbnails view and be tiled to fit your display.

One last tip: if you want to copy multiple pages, just hold down the Shift key to select multiple contiguous pages, or the Command key to select non-contiguous pages. (Windows: Ctrl)