Preview How Colors Will Print in QuarkXPress

In QuarkXPress 7 and 8, you can easily see an on-screen simulation of how your colors will look when printed to different devices.  View> Proof Output and the select from the list of possible output formats, including Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, etc.

And poof! All your colors will change the output mode you chose.

In QuarkXPress 6, do this instead: choose Preferences> Quark CMS in earlier versions and (at least temporarily) enable the Color Management Active checkbox.

Choose profiles for your display, composite output device and color separation (press) output. Then, you can choose from the bottom popup menu named Display Simulation: “Monitor Color Space”, “Composite Output Color Space” or “Separation Output Color Space.”

When you close Preferences, your document will display its colors as they will look on the device you chose in the Display Simulation: popup menu.