Quark Saves Peugeot 35%

I found this interesting: Peugeot adopted Quark DPS (Dynamic Publishing Solution), and began saving 35% on prepress, and an as-yet-undetermined amount on their online and interactive projects. Read below for Quark’s announcement.

Peugeot chooses Quark DPS (Dynamic Publishing Solution) for global publishing

Peugeot, brand of the constructor PSA Peugeot Citroën, has chosen to integrate Quark® Dynamic Publishing Solution™, Quark’s dynamic publishing platform, in order to optimise its catalogue production process in 15 countries, representing in excess of 250 publications per year.

Peugeot’s primary requirements for a new solution were to increase reliability, reduce costs, and publish print content on the Web with flipbook functionality. “We researched what was available, favouring turnkey solutions, but we quickly turned to Quark, whose solution was the closest to our needs in terms of adaptability and flexibility,” explains Anne Fenninger, Peugeot’s Editions, Multimedia and Internet manager.

The editorial platform has been in production since the beginning of 2010 and currently supports Peugeot operations in 15 countries. “Our aim is to rapidly include six more territories (Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and, over time, all countries where our brand is represented so as to use a single dynamic publishing solution globally and enable all regions to benefit from it.” While it is still too early to determine how much can be saved with the implementation of Quark DPS, Peugeot has already estimated cost savings of 35% on prepress alone.