Free Xdata with Upgrade or Purchase of QuarkXPress 8

The PowerXChange is offering a free copy of the remarkable Xdata XTension with any purchase of QuarkXPress 8, including upgrades! Xdata normally costs $400 by itself — witness its power here.

The PowerXChange describes Xdata this way:

Xdata is a document building tool that bring the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of QuarkXPress to bear on all data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. Simply put, Xdata works like a “mail merge on steroids”. Users write simple text statements to import and format their text and graphics. Then the menu-driven tools, in a few clicks, build their documents at hundreds of pages per hour. QuarkXPress’ typographic controls can be used for each variable field and for any intervening text, to get just the right look for a user’s data.

Xdata has a powerful English-like scripting language. Users can put any field from their data source in any order in the text flow, force page breaks, generate headers/footers, apply master pages as needed and lots more. The product’s scripting language can be used to build simple or complex rules for including or excluding fields, pictures and static text. And there are no limits on a data: records and fields can be as many and as long as users need.


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