Match Color in Two Images

This isn’t a QuarkXPress tip, but it’s a fix for something that we run into every day when laying out pages: how to make the overall color of one image resemble another.

The trick is to use Photoshop’s Match Color command. Just open two images — the one you want to change (the target) and the one whose color you’re trying to match (the source). Click within the target document in order to activate it and duplicate the image layer by pressing Command-J. Choose Image> Adjustments> Match Color and in the resulting dialog box, Photoshop picks the current document as the target.

Next, tell Photoshop the name of the source document by picking it from the Source pop-up menu. If the source document has several layers, you can choose the right one from the Layer pop-up menu or choose Merged if the source image contains adjustment layers. If the source document has just one layer, Photoshop automatically picks it.

If necessary, adjust the Luminance (lightness) and Color Intensity (saturation) sliders to make the colors match a little better. Adjust the Fade slider to use more or less of the source document’s original color. Turn on the Neutralize checkbox if your target image has a bit of a color cast, and Photoshop will try to get rid of it for you.