Create and Update a Table of Contents in QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress can generate a table of contents for you, based on a style sheet that you’ve applied to items in your document. You can then use that TOC to navigate your open document, or automatically format it as a printed TOC on a document page, or even export it as hyperlinks in a PDF!

In QuarkXPress, a table of contents is just one type of List, so you’ll use the Lists palette to create a list and assign style sheets to it.

Choose which of your style sheets to include, assign each one “Level” (Level 2 indents below Level 1, Level 3 indents below Level 2, and so forth), choose whether to include the page number with the entry in the TOC, and then under Format As, choose any existing Style Sheet to apply to each entry (to determine how it should be formatted on the page).

To update the TOC when your document changes, select the TOC in the Lists palette and click the Update button.