Quark Launches “Flash Magic” Website to Help QuarkXPress Users Create Flash Content

Recognizing their customers’ mounting desire to create Flash content in QuarkXPress 8, Quark has launched an aggressive new campaign to help them do just that.

Quark added Flash authoring capability to QuarkXPress 7 with the Quark Interactive Designer XTension, then rolled it into QuarkXPress 8 as a standard feature. The problem was… there was no pre-built content to work with, and few resources to learn about it! I’m excited to say that Quark has remedied that shortcoming with their new “Flash Magic” campaign.

This global campaign is built around a dedicated microsite that was developed using QuarkXPress 8: http://www.quark.com/magic. It offers free video training, downloadable Flash resources, examples of real-world Flash projects from customers, and more. Quark claims the 500+ free Flash resources have an estimated value of $750.

So far, the site features 13 video tutorials in English, French, and German, with more to come. In addition, Quark has begun a Flash eSeminar series with more than 60 eSeminar sessions already scheduled for 2010. The site also lets you download Flash resources such as User Manuals and QuarkEd training materials.

Quark’s press release explains the project as well as I could.

Here’s an excerpt:

Uses for Interactive Design in QuarkXPress 8
In order to enable users to use QuarkXPress 8 for the most appropriate Flash projects, the microsite identifies 10 types of interactive project that users might build using QuarkXPress 8. These include online design portfolios, product microsites, multimedia Web sites, digital signage, interactive CDs/DVDs, banner ads, photography Web sites, interactive eReaders, small business/personal Web sites or interactive elements within a Web site. To make things even easier, the downloadable resources can be filtered according to such types of projects.

Downloadable Flash Resources
The Magic Toolbox section of the microsite enables QuarkXPress users to access hundreds of downloadable Flash resources. These include everything from generic buttons, to menus, video and audio players through to complete Web sites. As the downloads are all QuarkXPress Projects and Libraries, users can use them ‘as is,’ customize them entirely to their specific needs, or simply use them as a learning aid.

Exclusive Resources
While some of the downloadable Flash resources are freely available to all, there are others, marked as Exclusive, that require a Magic Password to access. The Magic Password is provided to anyone who purchases and registers QuarkXPress 8 and will be available on various social media Web sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Become a QuarkXPress Magician
QuarkXPress 8 users are encouraged to become QuarkXPress Magicians by demonstrating their Flash design skills in QuarkXPress 8. The microsite already features a range of real-world Flash projects undertaken in QuarkXPress 8. By submitting their work, users have the chance to have their own projects featured, receive a LinkedIn recommendation, earn a QuarkXPress Magician certificate, and receive 2 years free QuarkXPress maintenance.

The website http://www.quark.com/magic is itself an example of the exciting opportunities that QuarkXPress 8 offers for Web and Flash projects. The majority of the site has been built in QuarkXPress 8 enabling everyone to see the possibilities that Flash design in QuarkXPress 8 has to offer from exciting animations to video playback. The microsite and campaign was developed by Gravity London, part of the Gravity Global Network (www.gravityglobal.net). Creative professionals can see exactly how Gravity developed the project and how they found the experience of learning Flash in QuarkXPress 8 by watching the videos in the ‘Magic showcase’ section of the microsite.


So, QuarkXPress 7 and 8 users: head on over to http://www.quark.com/magic and take advantage of all the free training and Flash assets Quark has made available for you! I’m heading over there right now…