FlightAlert Warns of Errors Before Output

CompuSense’s FlightAlert is an XTension for QuarkXPress 4–8 that warns users of a variety of file-creation errors, such as RGB TIFF and EPS graphics, 1-bit TIFFs and EPSes, empty picture boxes, missing or modified graphics, missing fonts in EPS files, text overflow, text with Bold or Italic applied styles, spot colors used, rotated items, suppressed-print items, graphics files larger or smaller than specified allowable sizes, and graphics containing a definable file extension (such as FPO).

Alerts can be displayed at Open, at Close, at Print, at Save as EPS, at Save or Save As, or when collected for output. The collect-for-output mechanism collects a document or multiple documents, all linked graphics, screen and printer fonts (including embedded fonts within EPS graphics), and optionally, the XPress Preferences file. Its AutoFind feature will scan volumes or folders to find missing elements. Collected elements can be compressed into a self-extracting archive.

FlightAlert costs $139.