File Courier Simplifies Complex File-Sending Needs

Zevrix Solutions' File Courier

Zevrix Solutions’ File Courier is a digital delivery system that lets you send files to FTP and local destinations automatically. With a little initial setup, sending files is a matter of drag-and-drop. File Courier will ask you to select a pre-defined destination and an e-mail notification template (if desired) and off goes the file.

If your workflow is well-structured, you can create codes and then name your files so that the transfer is handled automatically, without having to manually choose a destination!

File Courier can generate and e-mail low-res PDF versions of your files, if desired, and keeps a detailed history log of deliveries.

It’s also incredibly affordable, at just $29.95.

Here are its key features:

  • Send files/folders to FTP and locally
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Variable email templates
  • Deliver files by e-mail
  • Create lo-res PDF automatically and attach to e-mail
  • Attach files from specific subfolder to e-mail
  • Automatic .zip/.dmg compression
  • Encrypt disk images with passwords
  • Detailed history of all deliveries
  • Destination codes for automatic delivery